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Advice To Visitors

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Be Discreet!

Be Secure!

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A Pet Visit

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I have always enjoyed the feeling that our business provides a personal and thoughtful service. It takes courage on the part of the client to trust someone with the keys to their house. Any decent pet-visitor will be sensitive to this. As a Visitor looking after property, you should always consider your client. At all times be discreet..

So, and let me discreetly shout this from the rooftops..


Paws Indoors Non-Liveried Vehicle Pet Sitting Newcastle Upon Tyne

Do not attract attention. Come and go quietly. Liveried vehicles are for plumbers and builders. They are not for you.

Travelling Around

Plan your visits to take account of clients' preferred visit times and keep travelling to a minimum. Having said that, vary your route and visit times. Don't fall into a routine. When driving it is sensible to be aware of the car behind. In the summer, evening visits tend to be made a little later, especially where the client wants the curtains closed.

When arriving at a property it is okay to park directly outside.. sometimes! It is also good from time to time, to park some way from the property and walk up the street, (even if that means walking back to the car with a visitor's parking permit). Don't block neighbouring driveways. Don't leave a passenger sitting outside in the car.

Be aware that you are on show to neighbours (usually without your knowing). Your arrival may be worrying to them. Be polite and discreet if you are approached by neighbours. Unless you have been previously introduced, do not discuss the client's absence with anyone.

Think about the security of the property. Check over the exterior, look for changes and signs of disturbance. Never enter a property on your own where there are obvious signs of disturbance.

Entering A Property

Make sure that you have the correct keys to hand before leaving the car. Never leave keys, Instruction Sheets or any other important security information unattended in your car.

Before you go inside make sure you know which entrance to use, how to switch off any alarms, where the light switches are, the names of the animals and whether or not there is a risk of them escaping.

Do not try to force a lock with it's key. If you should have problems entering the property check your Instruction Sheet again - it may refer to 'a stiff or awkward lock', check that you have the correct keys.

If you trip the alarm follow the 'reset alarm' instructions, (either on the alarm box itself or your Instruction Sheet). Quickly check that the animals are secure. Go to the front door, show your face, if you are approached by neighbours you will have to tell them who you are and why you are there. Make your Co-ordinator aware of what has happened. If the alarm is connected to a central monitoring system there will be additional procedures to follow. This should all be in your documentation. Now, reassure the animals!

If someone calls round during your visit make sure the animals are secure and that you have your keys before answering the door. Again, be discreet. It is not your place to tell the window cleaner to come back in a fortnight because the owner is away! Just ask them to call again later.

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